Court appointed lawyer

What is considered appropriate treatment from court appointed lawyer?

I have provided all the information requested including decisions from 3 other re-unfuication attempts with his Bio-Mother. I have been his sole guardian since he was a baby. Now he is placed in foster care until his out of state mother can redeem herself for past CPS violations. Next court date is upcoming and I want him home with me until the termin. of guard. is complete. My lawyer is rude, and called ME unstable for wanting to know what is going on. I have provided all the court paperwork (from Contra Costa and Solano Cty courts proving reunification is not fesible at this time.

Please advise if I should change lawyers immediately, or how to proceed. He is does not want me calling CPS SW with any questions, but also does not want me to call him. He s

Can you help?



Nathan’s Answer

Who is this lawyer attorney of record for?

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