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My contractor has stopped showing up for work, and his license has been suspended for support payments.

I hired a contractor in december 2014, for a house remodel/addition in san jose, CA. As per the contract I was to make 6 bi-weekly payments towards the contract of $76,000.

The work was to be completed in 12 weeks from the permit date. It's almost 12 weeks, and I have paid the guy $60K, but the work is not even 50% complete. I have been going to the job site every day, and no one shows up for work. I have seen his guys work there 1 day in the last 2 weeks.

The contractor does not return my calls, and only texts back saying his guys will be there the following day.

I have also found out that his license had been suspended due to family support, on Feb 27, 2015.

Per the following link: ( ) Is is possible to recover my payments ?

Nathan’s Answer

If the license was suspended, you may, under the Business and Professions Code, seek a refund of all monies paid. You would file suit, then seek a prejudgment writ of attachment. You would hope that there are recoverable assets and you may have to post a bond.

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