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What can my attorney bill twice for same work done again by a different attorney/paralegal?

I have an attorney who has delayed my case for over a year. It is a law firm and each time I call to ask on the status of my case they are not available and/or I find out that my paralergal has left and I have a new paralegal. I have gone through 3 paralegals now and 2 attorneys. However, they each have told me that they have to review my case and this include emails that I had sent the previous paralegal/lawyer. So each time a new paralegal reviews my paperwork i get billed for them doing so. How is it my fault that this law firm keeps getting new paralegals and lawyers and then I have to pay all over again for them to review my case. This case has been held back because of them and nothing to do with me delaying it. I have wanted this to move forward months ago but now i am told I have a brand new attorney and that he has to review my case. When the secretary had told me she had handed my case over to another attorney just a week ago and now i am told that i have a new attorney. I think they are extremely unprofessional and I have already dished out well over 5k for a custody mod. case and we have not even gone in to court! Are these charges legal? The charges are time spent to review my case and nothing else.

Nathan’s Answer

Attorneys may delay on a matter for many reasons, but this can sometimes constitute legal malpractice. It is in your best interest to retain counsel to communicate with this law office to straighten everything out, pronto. Otherwise, you may be being taken advantage of. Do you have a fee agreement?

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