CAMTC license to be renewed

City of rafael forced me to close my business ,+ move everything out because I am waiting for my CAMTC license to be renewed.

I paid for and received a year license for the city, I have not comited any crimes or been accused of any crimes. just after opening they cited me minor and false items and since I did not request a hearing, the false items becomes facts. even though I complained in person and in writing ,they would not consider it as a PRE CITATION. BECAUSE OF THIS the state has taken 7 months to renew my license but I have been paying my lease and all expenses. I applied to add an employee, The CITY Declared my business closed and told me to move everything out .even though the city allows camtc and non camtc owners. the city caused my bus. to be unsellable ,unable to recover the purchase cost and I still have to pay my lease for 1 more year. HE HAS CAUSED EXTREME PUNISHMENT ..


Nathan’s Answer

When dealing with issues like this, it is important to retain the services of counsel who is familiar with local procedure. You are likely dealing with summary, informal and expedited administrative procedures which require your quick and appropriate responses. In other words, if the city gives you notice of a hearing, it may be inappropriate to respond with demands rather than attend the hearing to help you create a record. I don't know where you are in the timeline, but if you still have a way to work things out with the city, it may be wise to consult administrative attorneys in your area immediately after giving them your entire case file for their review and consultation.

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