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Will juvenile arrests bar me from obtaining a real estate license?

I have been in trouble in the past as a youth. As an adult I have never been in trouble. I currently work for a bank and have no issues with getting employed. I have been told in the past that juveniles cannot be convicted could this mean I am off the hook?

Nathan’s Answer

Juveniles can be convicted, but it is the exception, not the rule. The wise thing to do would be to order a Live Scan report on yourself and see if any convictions or other history exists. If you have been adjudicated as a juvenile, you may be entitled to seal the record. If an arrest did not lead to adjudication, you will most likely not have to report anything. Keep in mind government does occasionally make mistakes in reporting; ordering a Live Scan allows you to be one step ahead since this is the report the BRE will be using. If there is an error on your Live Scan report, you can report the error for correction. If a juvenile record does exist, it would be appropriate to have an attorney review your filled out application before you submit it to the BRE.

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