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May my therapist discuss things with my mother

Im 22What happened is my parents are making me see a therapist because I dont have a job and show no interest in tv shows and movies.My mom went with me on the first day and explained all this.I signed

A confidentiality form .my therapist asked me if i have any problems at home i am dealing with . I

told the therapist my parents dont give me my mail and almost got me

Arrested by ripping up my jury duty papers.My therapist also recopmmended me a computer sciemce job and said dont miss the deadline.the thing is I am not a big computer fan so I didnt turn in application. I physically overheard my therapist ttalk over the phone to my mother,which had the therapist tell my mother that i told on them about throwing away my mail, that I missed deadline for jobmy whole family is mad I ignored job

Nathan’s Answer

I think it is difficult to move out without a job. I suspect your parents are utilizing the power of the purse in that they continue to support you but under condition you do this or that. This is very common.

HIPAA may have been violated unless you signed consent to share Protected Health Information (PHI). HIPAA does not usually have a private right of action though. California privacy laws may have been violated however, and a violation of HIPAA can be used to demonstrate a professional's falling below standard of care. You may ask your therapist for a copy of anything you've signed, and if you've waived confidentiality, you can rescind that if you no longer want 3rd parties knowing the contents of your PHI.

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