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I would like to start a lawsuit against that hospital that cared for my mom.

My mom was in ICU for 91 days. On the 71st day May 5, 2014 I found that they had not changed a dressing dated 4/30 that was really infected. I asked for pics to be taken. While they were getting a camera and the nurse was in my mom’s room alone the dressing went missing. After that they did everything to keep me away from my mom. I was my mom’s voice as she was on a ventilator. They banned me from the hospital until I would tell them that I would take her off life support. I was sent letters stating that I was causing problems for the nursing staff. I have all the medical records from the hospital that proves that is not true. They did everything to CYA and try and make it my fault. I have audio recordings of the meetings that we had.

Nathan’s Answer

You may have very limited time to have a California attorney review your matter in anticipation of litigation.

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