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U.C. Davis Medical Center is trying to charge me over $5,000 for participating in a clinical trial based on my rare disorder

I suffer from a VERY rare form of Macular Degeneration called Rod Cone Dystrophy which has made me legally blind. The Davis Med Cntr wis doing a clinical trial for folks like myself in which they extract bone marrow while awake (something I suggest NEVER doing), separate stem cells from the marrow and inject them into the subjects eye (it was my left eye).

Now Davis is claiming I owe over $5,000 for testing and they will not give me a complete and detailed billing statement nor will they give me a list of services provided. All I can get from them is a threat that if I don't pay then they'll submit the bill to my credit reports.

Nathan’s Answer

If you are having difficulty obtaining a billing statement, contacting an attorney to acquire such, and to negotiate on your behalf might be a prudent move. Otherwise, collections might be asked to attempt to acquire the full $5,000, with them assuming your obligation to pay that amount exists, even if no such proof has been provided to you.

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