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What if a termite inspection is wrong when buying a house? Do I have legal recourse?

I bought the house in April and I have been seeing evidence of termites. The people who did the inspection said there was no evidence of termites. I have had 2 people come out to the house that have said that is gross negligence and that the termite damage that is there is active and there is no way it's less than 6 months old. I have contacted the company that did the inspection and at first they said that they didn't find any damage so they didn't do work on the house therefore there was no warranty. Then when I found documents they had sent to the owner saying they will guarantee 2 year warranty they admitted it. They are coming by the house on Monday? Does a termite inspector have to report even historical damage when inspecting a house? What is my best recourse?

Nathan’s Answer

If this matter is not resolved by the threat and perhaps addition of filing a complaint with the government, it may be helpful to also assess the contract between you and the termite inspection company for any recourse limitations. You may have signed a document that establishes that arbitration for example, will be the method in which any controversy will be resolved.

Review this with an attorney if there are any questions.

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