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Can we sue a drug and alcohol treatment facility for refusing a refund on services never received?

When my brother arrived at X drug recovery to begin his 4th month of treatment my mother paid $14,000 IN ADVANCE for 30 days of treatment, as she had done in the past.

8 days later my brother left treatment and my mother contacted the rehab center for a refund of the $14,000 less the cost of 8 days of treatment (approx $10,000).

It's been thirty days since her initial request for a refund. They have gotten back to her several times encouraing her to take a settlement amount of $6500 along with a statement that the matter is conlcuded.

They state they are not obligatged to issue a refund because of circumstances related to how my brother left (a counselor gave him cash and allowed him an unmonitored trip to a liquor store where he purchased alcohol and consumed on facility grounds).

Nathan’s Answer

You should supply an attorney with a copy of the contract, along with all communications with the treatment center to give you an opinion on how best to approach this matter. Some attorneys will negotiate a deal with the treatment center even if the contract is clear that there are no refunds, because of the additional facts you mention, since perhaps your brother was forced to leave due to improper behavior by staff at the facility.

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