Do I need an esthetician license to do eyelash extensions? I was told I don't if I only charge for the product not service

I was told: Although no licensing is required to perform the process of administering Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions, according to the California State Board Rules and Regulations Section 7319 E, charging for the service is a violation of state codes unless you are a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. NOW, charging for the product, rather than the service is NOT a violation of California State Regulations, and the extent of the mark up placed on the product itself is at your discretion. Therefore you MUST operate your business in accordance with the following California State Regulations see below.

How do I stay within this "loophole"

Nathan’s Answer

It would be wise to obtain counsel and have them research this area of law, and write you a memorandum of their analysis to see if it is worth the risk, and if there is anyway to conduct your business goals without subjecting yourself to liability by patrons or the government.

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