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Neighbor gave me their dog they could no longer care for it, along w/ medical records, licensing, spay cert. now they want her !

Once I groomed her and had her medically treated for skin allergies, they want her back, they have made no changes in their schedule and the dog would be back to square one! She seems happy in her new home w/ other dogs to play with, and can be in side when weather is wet, cold or hot ! Do I have to return her ????

Nathan’s Answer

Was the dog delivered to you? Did they intend to give you the dog as a gift? Did you accept? Was the dog given to you upon condition that you perform a service or deliver a good? If not, and the first three questions can be answered with a yes, chances are good that such a gift is irrevocable, meaning they can't take the dog back.

Of course, this is not legal advice and you may not rely on it unless you have consulted with an attorney who can be told and understand all the facts of your matter and give you reasoned advice based off your specific facts, any one of which, upon being understood more deeply, could change the result.

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