Administrative hearing to determine if my dogs are dangerous

As a US citizen is it my right to have an Administrative hearing to determine if my dogs are dangerous.

Or is it something that I am just entitled to and not guaranteed. Due to financial restraints I am unable to pay for a fee ($500) that my city says is required for me to be entitled to a hearing. I tried to ask for a fee waiver using Ca Gov Code 68630 but they said it was not applicable to the administrative process for this Anderson Municipal Code Action. If this hearing was held in Judicial court I would be able to. Shouldn't they have to also provide the same access to a waiver if they are choosing to hold an administrative hearing instead?

Can I demand a Judicial hearing instead? I feel my constitutional right to face my accuser and access to the justice system is being violated.

Nathan’s Answer

Your question is far too specific which means that any attorney responding to this question runs the risk of creating an attorney client relationship. It may be worth it to find an attorney to call and to pay for their time to get a proper consultation and even possible representation. Unfortunately, that may cost more than the fee itself.

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