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On Dec 25 2014 in Reno NV,

My wife woke up with pain, and unable to to see out of her right eye, went to urgent care after seen by doctor we were sent to ER at local hospital, where my wife was told she had an infection in the eye, we're told it was OK to stay for 2 more days, when we returned home and saw a doctor we found out that there was no infection but glacoma with a pressure of 60 where normal is between 6 to a high of 22, we're sent to a glacoma Dr. where she had an emergency implant, since then there have been other compilations and my wife is still in pain still can't see as before, is there anything we can do?

Nathan’s Answer

I am sorry to hear of your wife's medical issue. You will need to contact counsel that deals in medical malpractice. If this happened in Nevada, you will need counsel who is licensed in that state - California counsel that deals in these matters may have referral information for you, or you can start searching for Nevada medical malpractice attorneys to assess your case.

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