Tickets for driving without a valid license

California State Bar Moral Character Application- Convictions Section: Text requiring disclosure of specific traffic offenses??

I submitted my application a year ago, disclosing a DUI & in-patient alcoholism treatment. At the same time, I joined LAP to create a sobriety record.

As expected, I have been called into an informal conference w/ CBX to discuss DUI/alcohol. But CBX also said they want to discuss a VC 12500 infraction conviction.

I DIDN'T disclose it and am worried I will be accused of hiding it. But I truly did not know I needed to disclose.

Language requiring disclosure of certain traffic offenses NOW appears on the Convictions screen of the online application. But I don't THINK it was there in 10/2013 when I submitted. Nor is that language on my printed-out application.

Does anyone know (1) IF the website USED to lack this disclosure language, (2) IF it NOW appears on the printed-out Application?

Nathan’s Answer

Even if the application at the time did not address certain traffic offenses, because VC 12500 can be charged as a misdemeanor, and is more serious than the traditional infraction, even if you were charged for it as an infraction, it may still be fair game. The expectation from the State Bar might have been that you would address this issue head on due to the fact you were being forthright in building your rehabilitation for any drug abuse issue and that you had endured a separate criminal conviction involving your driver's license. Was driving without a valid license tied to the DUI? If so, the fact that you want to argue the technicality of whether you were supposed to disclose rather than to address the substance may be used against you. Please consult with an administrative attorney regarding this matter.

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