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What can I do if a surgery center that I went to is harassing me over a copay I do not need to pay?

I got a epidural in my neck there. My insurance says I have no copay but they keep harassing me for this copay. I have 6 disabilities and don't work,so I can't afford to pay them even if I wanted to. My insurance apparently told them I have to pay, while all I'm hearing is that I do not have a copay.

Nathan’s Answer

It is key to handle everything in writing in instances such as this. It helps to use certified receipt, return receipt requested. You may want to contact the insurance company with a copy of the demand by the surgery center, and request that they abide by their representations to you that this is covered by them. If this becomes a collections issue, you may want to consult with a debt relief lawyer, and if the cost is large enough, and your request is not followed up on, you have evidence that you attempted to resolve this issue - and that may help down the road.

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