Sue the government

Who can help me sue the government.

Unbeknown to me I was forced into a dual choice health plan. I walked around with a bad squamous cell carcinoma on my leg for three months, because during the transition the doctor I'd been seeing was no longer my provider! It wasn't enough that the hospital/doctor who during a stomach surgery cut two nerves that have affected me for years and continues (swept under the rug this dirty secret), but 10 years on Coumadin for nothing (also swept under the rug) and many side effects and now this forced health plan. I am in pain every day my life ruined. Who can help me, should I not be compensated for 21 years of suffering. This forced health plan is a joke. I'm being treated like a third class citizen and I've had more than enough. I wish I could find help filing a law suit against the state.

Nathan’s Answer

Most personal injury attorneys will take the case on contingency if the facts are appropriate for a lawsuit. If any physician fell below the standard of care during your surgery, or in prescribing coumadin, and you suffered damages because of it, you may be able to achieve recovery if your lawsuit is timely. As a colleague above has mentioned, the "state" does not appear to be a party to your complaint without more facts.

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