Stop paying check to service at home

What are my chances after not agreed to mediation and see lawyer for court for stop paying check to service at home that i had?

I stop my check paying this contractor after agreed and aware that there will be service charge to come to my house for an estimate and fix the problem but they did not do it, so now the contractor sue me for theft of service, went to court, judge advised to see mediation and I still did not agreed paying.

Nathan’s Answer

It appears you stopped payment on a check to a contractor for a service charge. You made an agreement then his agents came to your house with an estimate - but did not do the job. It seems like you did not pay for the service of them coming to make an estimate like you said you would, and they did give you an estimate so you may owe the contractor. If you did agree for them to come to give you an estimate, that may be all that you agreed to so you should have paid. You did not also agree to have the problem fixed. That would be a separate charge. If it was in fact a genuine misunderstanding, please give mediation another chance, unless you feel that it was a large enough amount to justify seeing a lawyer. But if the mediation is free, and you are still eligible to try mediation, it might be worth it.

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