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Can I get a real estate license in California with a misdemeanor on my record?

I have a misdemeanor for trespassing on my record from 5 years ago in Nevada. The original arrest was for felony larceny (shoplifting), but my lawyer got it to a misdemeanor trespassing conviction that I did community service for. Do you think I would have a chance at obtaining a real estate license in California? Or would I get automatically denied and not worth pursuing? Thanks! I appreciate any insight.

Nathan’s Answer

It is nice to see the administrative bar out in full force. You are receiving high quality opinions.

Even if you had a misdemeanor bumped down to an infraction, the Bureau will be able to look at the facts underlying any criminal action (i.e. conviction). Your application should be reviewed by an attorney who can cast those facts in the light most favorable, along with helping you demonstrate remorse. You may be given the license with it revoked, the revocation stayed, with probation installed instead. If you violate probation, you'd have your license revoked. It may be a costly process but if your heart is in it, you should stay the course.

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