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Can my psychiatrists medical group dismiss me without notifying me?

I called my psychiatrists office to schedule an appointment to see my psychiatrist and get a refill of my medication but when I called they told me I had been dismissed and could no longer be seen there. I have been going there for about 8 years. They said I was dismissed for canceling more than 2 appointments. I was never informed about these conditions. My psychiatrist was only in the office 2 times a month and there have been times where I was unable to get off work and our schedule was made on Sundays so when my appointment would be Mondays I wouldn't know until Sunday night and there was no way to inform them until Monday morning. Now I've read that a patient could not be dismissed until certain steps were followed like receiving a letter informing them they were going to be dismissed

Nathan’s Answer

The group is different than the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist has duties toward you like referring you if they can no longer serve you. Economic decisions do not usually justify or supersede ethical ones. Please obtain a free consultation by a qualified attorney.

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