Professional ethics

Who do I ask for help if my state appointed isn't doing her job?

im going up against my 3rd false sexual abuse allegation . -common sense, if I haven't been arrested then it's only obvious "im innocent"!... My stepmother (whom I don't speak to) works for a dcfs mental health office . Being that she's tryna keep my kid as well as keeping me from seeing my daughter how do I find out who's coaching my daughter what to say if I can't discuss anything about the sexual allegations with her ? Totally unfair 

Nathan’s Answer

You may be able to ask the Public Defender's Office or the judge for new counsel if you feel the counsel you currently have is not adequately representing you. If your counsel is doing their job and it is just a communication problem, try to sort the communication problem out with your counsel since you might not get the option to change counsel after the 1st time.

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