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Is it a bad if my attorney assign my case to a new attorney under his firm his reason being that he is too busy?

I retained my attorney about a year ago and well he just filed my lawsuit just under one year after I was terminated. I was terminated for unjustified reasons. I was placed on modified duty by my Dr. Due to my pregnancy as I was in my first trimester and I was not to lift anything over 16lb, my boss still asked me to do heavy lifting and since I brought a Dr.'s note he retaliated against me which lead to my termination. I looked up my case and it shows on section 4 "MANDATORY APPEARANCE CMC/Order to Show Cause Re Sanctions/Dismissal for Failure to File Proof of Service/Default". Could this be the reason why my attorney is passing my case over to his colleague. Did he hurt my case?

Nathan’s Answer

The court docket notation and any movement of the case to another attorney that is associated with the former is likely not connected. You should express your concerns to the attorney handling your case so that he/she can explain to you what my colleague has already done a great job of elucidating as far as legal process goes.

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