Professional ethics

Unethical for attorney using another attorney's personal information, work history, work samples?

Do you think an attorney (Attorney #1) can be disciplined by CA State Bar for using another attorney's (Attorney #2) personal information, work history, work samples in advertising without disclosing or permission of Attorney #2? Attorney #2 works for Attorney #1 as independent contractor, and has special skills and work history with particular past employer which client would pay premium for. Attorney #1 does not have the special skill and didn't work for the particular employer. Attorney #1 advertises to get clients using Attorney #2's info., but when client pays, Attorney #1 does the work, and does not tell Attorney #2 about the client or the client that he is doing the work not Attorney #2. Is Attorney #1 unethical?

Nathan’s Answer

Analogies are somewhat useful to illuminate "answers" to ethical quandaries.

Do you think a student can be disciplined by school for answering an assigned question using another person's answer without disclosing that this is the answer of other person? Asker benefits off good will of person providing answer. Asker receives a reward for answer and does not tell person who answers. Ethical?

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