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After retaining my attorney, he reveals he has throat cancer. can I get my retainer back? I feel like he is"out of it"

He told me that it would work in my favor, the fact he has throat cancer, by being able to delay my case. I have been calling him with no response, then two days before my next court date, he asks for letters of recommendation, official transcripts and resume. That is not enough time to get that stuff together! Would I be able to get any of my retainer back? I feel like he is not doing a good job.

Nathan’s Answer

You are always free to terminate your lawyer, as long as they get paid for what work they've done. If the $7,500 is exhausted, you are out of luck to get money back. On the other hand, if the lawyer is undergoing cancer, you may want to arrange for a smooth transition of your case out of the lawyer's office unless you receive assurances that your case will be handled as it should be.

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