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When a lawyer sells his firm what happens regarding the client in this situation?

I retained a law firm to represent me on a contingency basis. The original lawyer who was handling the case referred it to his associates while he was still at that firm. Fast forward to today it's being handled by the two associates although now one of them is at another firm. So now I have three attorneys from different firms representing me. I asked if the original lawyer was still on the case and was told for all intensive purposes yes. Shouldn't I have been given the choice to continue with them? I feel like something is happening that shouldn't.

Nathan’s Answer

If the case was referred to another attorney, then how is the original lawyer still on the case, especially if he is no longer at the firm? Your case was then handled by two associates, and now another associate left? Who is the lead attorney on the case? You should ask to speak with that one and see if you like what they have to say. Insist on speaking with the LEAD attorney. You may also want to find out who the attorney of record is if the suit was filed.

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