Physician is not returning calls

What should I do if my ongoing treating physician is not returning calls and has had license expire?

I've been trying to get a hold of my doctor for about a week now and have not gotten a response. I searched the doctor's name on the California Breeze site to see if there is a cell phone listed and it says the following under license status:

"Renewal Pending - Licensee failed to certify compliance with the continuing medical education requirement and/or failed to certify that he or she disclosed the names of those health-related facilities in which the licensee and/or family may have a financial interest. Practice is permitted unless license expires."

Turns out the license expired almost two weeks ago. How long can I expect it to be before he is licensed again? Should I start looking for a new doctor?

Nathan’s Answer

If the license is expired, there is no reason to suspect it will be reinstated or renewed unless evidence exists that shows the physician is preparing to do so. It would be wise to try once or twice more to make contact, if possible, then move on.

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