Not allowed to sign nonconsent

What should I do about an bill Im being forced to pay when I was forced into an ambulance and not allowed to sign nonconsent?

My fiancé and I were on a double date last February that went wrong. The man on the other side of the date got violent. My Fiancé was trying to protect me and get us out of there when some one called the cops for an incident across the street. The cops showed up just as we had made it to the car. When we told the cops the man was trying to attack us they put us in cop cars. Then I was told if I didn't get into the ambulance that they would take me to jail I still said no. I was carried to a gurney-they took my heels, and took me to a hospital that was a full city over, went through my purse and dropped me off at the hospital with out admitting me. I asked them while I was in there if they could let me go and if I was being charged and they said no, but yet I received a bill for near 2000?

Nathan’s Answer

No one can tell if this was false imprisonment, or an emergency situation that required transporting you to a hospital. Also, the generating facts sound jumbled because there is no link between what happened and why you needed treatment. Please consult with an attorney and provide them the full facts so that they can give you a realistic answer of whether you can realistically dispute the $2,000.

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