Misdemeanor DUI

How much will it cost in attorney's fee to get my real estate license?

I have a misdemeanor dui in 2006, soon to be expunged felony drug possession with intent and couple of arrests but not charged years ago . Needless to say I had a substance problem in the past but been clean and sober for over 3 years. I will have all the requirements to take the State exam by end of this year. Because of my record, I am looking for a lawyer to help me get my license when I pass the exam. But I am not a wealthy man and need to know how much I need to save, beg or borrow for the service. Can anyone help?

Nathan’s Answer

The California Bureau of Real Estate will be concerned with your past criminal history, as well as your medical history. There are specific steps one can take to demonstrate rehabilitation. Keep in mind that while expungements are to be congratulated, they do not erase a criminal history to the licensing boards. That is why it is that much more important to be able to demonstrate rehabilitation through satisfying various factors the Bureau will look at.

If cost is an issue, a denial of your application with time spent without a license, not earning a living can be even more costly in terms of lost income. You should consult with an attorney with experience in this area to discuss the best way to approach your upcoming application considering the likely scenarios that will play out depending on your level of rehabilitation that you have, or are willing to achieve.

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