Medical expenses for personal injury

Do I need to obtain the dollar figure of monies paid by "medical county health care", to answer the defendants request for such.

I am seeking pain and suffering and loss of future income from the defendants in a civil action. In that I am not asking for actual damages, do I need to repay medical? Lastly, do I need to provide the information in the discovery phase referred to as "collateral source payment", on behalf of the defendant. If so, I can amend my complaint and offer to settle with medical, if it is mandatory. I just need to know what my obligations are...Thanks in advanced...

Nathan’s Answer

Personal injury cases are made that much more complex by medical lienholders' rights. A provider may be entitled to a percentage of the recovery you obtain, if any. Those percentages are negotiable and it would be wise to have an attorney on your side to maximize the likelihood of an appropriate recovery.

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