Massive heart attack

I recently had a massive heart attack. Fire dept requested ambulance. AMR dispatcher sent ambulance from 20 minutes away

instead one of two sitting idle at the rest stop in the building next to where I was. When they arrived EKG machine did not work so hospital did not receive updates on my condition during transport. Is there anything I can do to wake AMR up and not have anyone else come so close to passing away as I did because of poor decisions on dispatche operators part?

Nathan’s Answer

I'm sorry to hear of your physical condition. It makes sense that if there is an ambulance right there, it should transport you. However, because of contracts between AMR and the county, or city, there may be extensive clauses on how dispatching is to occur. This may help minimize liability if AMR has staff taking a break for example. The fact that the EKG machine did not work is concerning too. You can always write to AMR's corporate structure and see what kind of response you get. This can help obtain answers and guide your next steps.

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