Marriage and prenups

Can a person be told to submit proof of marriage before test acess when driver license and passport has maiden and married name

i was licensed by the state of california for several years left state licensed expired had to be relicensed by test my maiden name has been used since 1994 on licensed but driver license and passport has both names i paid my 200 dollars to take the nurse exam again and was denied when i arrived i was told my names did not match in their computer only my first and maiden name was there but on my driver license and passport has my first name and maiden and married name i was told i wasnt that person i drove 78 miles was told to go home i cant take the test i will have to show proof of marriage so i lost my 200 dollars and have to pay again although the test center have a hand printing device that identify you before a person can test i ask the lady to identify me she refused

Nathan’s Answer

Because you were licensed under one name, that name legally changed, even if it contains elements of your old name. You were denied entrance to a state licensing exam for security purposes. I know it seems unfair and may have been a huge hassle, but the exam proctors are under strict instructions to uniformly apply screening for making sure names match exactly. They do not have the resources to confirm your identity without your assistance. If this measure was not in place, someone who is unauthorized would be able to take the exam and potentially pass, causing the public to be treated by an individual who did not demonstrate minimal competence in nursing. This could severely injure or kill a member of the public, so such a regulation must be abided by.

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