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Is it ethical 4 a Class Action Atty. to sit on a case for two years, and only after medical records are lost, drop me as client?

My Mother passed away after suffering two heart attacks while being given Dialysis Treatment. At the time everyone considered my other's death to be from natural causes. However, in 2010 it was determined that the medical Drug Granuflo/Nutralye was responsible for such sudden death reactions such as what my Mother suffered and the drug had already been recalled for many years prior but certain Medical treatment facilities continued to use the drug.

Fast forward......Two years ago I was solicited by a Class Action Attorney who had me sign all sorts of "Powers of Attorney" in order to pursue my damages. For two years I was told to wait and be patient and that the only step left to do was retrieve the Medical Records.

After ordering and losing the medical records the Attorney dropped me.

Nathan’s Answer

I am sorry to hear about your mother's passing away and I understand your frustration. Class action attorneys assess a case and don't really communicate their non-engagement to potential clients when their case is found to not be in the class they are seeking to certify, most likely because of the costs involved in doing so. The attorney did obtain your signatures on "something" though. It would not hurt to send a certified letter asking for status of your case, whether your mom's case was selected or not, and what to do next. If you have a copy of all the documents passed back and forth between this attorney, you could have an attorney consult with you to determine the facts, issues and liabilities if any a little more clearly.

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