Legal action

Were my rights violated and do I have a case to take legal action?

I work for a medical marijuana dispensary as a armed guard. The dispensary is prop D compliant and pre ICO so they are completely legal with the city. I have all the necessary permits to carry a firearm while working. The Hollywood narcotics division(not the feds) raided the dispensary with a search warrant I guess looking for 2 of the owners, for what im not sure. They end up taking my gun with out checking my permits to carry. They told me they took it for their safety, which I understood but I thought they would give it back once they let me go. They told me to call the next day to pick it up at the station, but when I called I was told as soon as ballistics finished testing my firearm I would get it back. I don't believe they have just cause to take my weapon and test it.

Nathan’s Answer

The search warrant, assuming it was supported by probable cause, and signed by a judge, could have given the officers the right to seize the firearm regardless of permits. Keep following up keeping in mind government is much more arduous to sue than a regular civil party or entity.

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