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Nursing school background check and nclex

I have been admitted to nursing school pending a background check. I have a juvenile record that includes possession of a controlled substance ( 15 years ago) and an arrest for petty theft(18 years ago). I am already licensed as a Registered Dental Hygienist, which I did not disclose my record for as I was thought I did not need to and submitted and passed a Live Scan. I am under the impression that the BRN is more strict. If I have already passed a live scan, are these things even on my record ( I never saw the report myself) Additionally, if I am admitted and apply to take the NCLEX, will I need to disclose my records?

Nathan’s Answer

Juvenile records are usually sealed as they are the result of adjudications under the Welfare and Institutions Code. Arrests also may not be on your LiveScan. That is likely why you are already licensed as a Registered Dental Hygienist since you state you passed their review of your LiveScan then. Instead of waiting to see what the BRN will see, why don't you order a copy of LiveScan for yourself? If there is an error on there (happens often) you can contact the Department of Justice for correction. As another poster has mentioned, disclosure for anything on your LiveScan is a must, and even if disclosures are required for sealed orders, there are artful ways of doing it that counsel can assist with.

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