Deffered Action/How can i prove that i was HERE on june/15/2012

Okay so i meet all the requirements perfectly Except Proveing that i was here On June/15/12

the reason is that since im Just 17 i dont have Many things like a house,car,Bills ect so i dont have anything under my name that was mailed or send under My name and i was on school vacation so also no attendance records.The only thing is that i also at that time I didnt have a phone because my mother has bad credit so she couldnt get one for me so my aunt got it for me on My Birthday wich is on June 20 five days later when obama put the policy out But it was Online so the phone came five days later on the 25 my name does appear on the bill under User and i made calls the same day i got it on June 25 can i use that as proof 🙁 Please help

Nathan’s Answer

Visit with a local experienced immigration attorney who can help you put forth the best evidence to help you with your application. DACA is a one-shot deal so you don't want to send it and think "oh, I could have made my application stronger!"

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