I’m in need of some advise

Hello I'm in need of some advise. I work for a dentist whom is verbally and physically abusive.

The female dentist I work for, for the past 2 months thinks it's okay to yell at employees and physically grab or smack my hands when she wants. She has no self control! After the incident with her smacking and grabbing my hand from the computer mouse, she lowered my pay by $1 per hour because she said she couldn't afford payroll and if I didn't sign a form agreeing to the lower wage, I'd no longer have a job. She really can't afford payroll, there been several times where our paychecks don't come for days past the due date. Also, I was told no one time pay would be paid but I had to stay a extra 30 mins to finish a task. It happens almost daily. I feel stuck because I need a job to feed my family but the emotional stress she's caused me is taking a toll on me.

Nathan’s Answer

You are looking at possible issues of wage and hour, as well as hostile workplace. There may be additional causes of action as well. Speak to a qualified employment law attorney.

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