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Letter of explanation to nursing boards

I am required to write an explanation letter to nursing boards because I was arrested for possession of controlled substances. At that time, I was instructed by my Administrator that time to destroy the discontinued meds at home includes Over the counters&prescription but no narcotics. Because there was too much & not enough time to do it at work. I was not aware that there was about 40 pills of narcotics with no name mixed w/ the discontinued meds. I provided the officer my employers # to verify but when he spoke to the Admin., She denied her approval of me taking the discontinued meds home. How will I be able to describe this briefly in my letter? Should I explain this in detail?

Nathan’s Answer

The circumstances of these events, even if you are totally free of any wrongdoing, raise many questions that would need to be preempted by a careful investigation and drafting/editing of any correspondence you plan to send in to the government.

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