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In a seniors mobilehome park in california, can they charge a fee for a family member to be there that is providing health care

The daughter (myself age 55) of senior (my mother age 80),is staying in home temperarily to take care of sick mother,the management knew this ,two months ago as I spoke to them myself while the mother was in and out of hospital with bladder removal surgery,they knew that I was also there to feed cat on fats she was not there (in hospital))we have a drs note stating senior needs 24hr care,(although law says imediate family doesnt need drs note)and can they also make me(daughter)fill out an application to be there?I understood that note or appli. isn't required of seniors family member

Nathan’s Answer

The answer to your question depends heavily on the detailed nature of your stay there and whether this is a situation addressed or accommodated for in the patient/resident care agreement. You may want to have an attorney take a look.

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