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Will a Negligent Driving simple misdemeanor conviction affect a CA Registered Nurse license?

I plead guilty to Negligent Driving in the 1st degree in WA stemming from DUI arrest. BAC of 0.09. My Cali RN application had been out for months, I thought it was not active. I also have a FL and WA license. After checking Breeze it turns out Cali issued me a license 3 days after my conviction. I intend to self report and am still within 30 days, but I'm afraid they will accuse me of unprofessional conduct for not reporting before the license was issued. I've heard horror stories about the Cali Board of nursing. This is obviously time sensitive.

Nathan’s Answer

Self reporting should be made with care; if you can obtain counsel to walk you through it, that would increase your chances of success. Self reporting without counsel results in people apologizing too profusely raising suspicions about sincerity, and some people do not show any remorse at all. Having skilled counsel strike that balance for you is helpful in setting the stage of success and avoiding an accusation against the license that can have reciprocal impacts on the other licenses you have.

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