DUI and driver’s license penalties

Able to sit for NCLEX while on DUI probation?

Pulled over for DUI this month in Long Beach and court date in a couple of weeks for DUI. I got a lawyer in hopes for reduces charges and praying for the best. I am finishing nursing school in 5 weeks and wonder if I will ever be able to sit for the NCLEX?

Nathan’s Answer

You will be able to sit for the exam but a statement of issues will be filed against you since you are an applicant. Passing the exam will not be a helpful factor in you obtaining the license since your exam scores will not be released until after the dust settles in regards to any defense to your statement of issues. If you are fortunate, you will obtain a probationary license with conditions attached as you move forward, rather than an outright denial. If you have already submitted an application, you have a continuing duty to update that application truthfully.

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