Domestic violence

How do I find out if there is a domestic violence restraining order filed against me if I was never served.

One week ago i was struck by my wife while was holding our 7mth old son. I called 911 and so did my wife. The sheriff's arrived My wife said I struck her I said she struck me .I was arrested Posted bailed for$350 four hours later. ..I went home packed a few items and left. I went to my home Yesterday to see my kids. And the father who raped my Wife when she was a little kid was there with my four minor kids 3 of whom are girls. I was boiling inside but kept my composure for my kids. I said to my wife how can you bring this person around our kids after what he did to you. She kept quite. I didn't know what to do to protect my kids. I am overwelmed and afraid. Am now getting contacted by the sheriff's saying they have some paperwork they want to give me. WHAT DO I DO NEXT????

Nathan’s Answer

You should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. If any government agent desires to speak with you, you should respectfully decline since you will have hopefully retained an attorney that will do the speaking for you. You also want to carefully abide by any temporary restraining order conditions until your restraining order hearing if you are being served with a TRO. If you are being served with a TRO, you'd want to hire civil restraining order counsel immediately as well since TRO's are heard relatively quickly.

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