Doctors release you as a patient without a lawful reason

Can a doctor or group of doctors release you as a patient without a lawful reason

I have been going to a chiropractic office for 6 years. I began seeing one chiropractor who is now in a nasty divorce situation and I am friends with his wife. In the last 2 years, I have primarily been seen by a different chiropractor at the same office and the practice is no longer owned by my friends husband chiropractor. On my last visit, I was there for an appointment with my now preferred chiropractor and was pulled back to a room by my friends husband and interrogated about a witness letter I wrote to my friends lawyer. This was unprofessional and unappreciated since his personal divorce has nothing to do with my current treatment by the other chiropractor.

A few weeks ago, the office called and said the firm was referring me out and releasing me as a patient.

Nathan’s Answer

Does the letter cite any reasons? It might be as simple as "unable to establish rapport with patient" as long as you are given adequate notice. You should be able to access your medical records without issue if necessary. You probably don't fall under any exceptions like where you are disabled and see the chiropractor in a specific way that allows their action to constitutes sudden abandonment. If there is no unlawful action, the rule of thumb is, even if you are 100% in the right, you generally don't want to be hanging out where you aren't wanted.

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