Do I need a discrimination lawyer

Do I need a discrimination lawyer

I went in to my rite aid to fill my prescription, they didn't have it in stock. They told me any rite aid will fill it. I went home in pain, called rite aid in Clovis/ kings canyon. Where a lady pharmacist told me that the could not disclosed the type of meds they had in the store but if I came in they would fill it. We drive to rite aid, I go to the pharmacy window the main pharmacist took a look at the prescription and then look at me up and down and told me he will not fill my prescription because there meds is only for the regular people that come to that store. I said to him " are you for real". He said yes. And to go to my normal rite aid and the can order me some. After walking away in pain and in stock that the pharmacist looks and how he made me feel.

Nathan’s Answer

There have been major crackdowns by the DEA around the United States, (Rite-Aid has paid millions in fines) and announcements have just been made that other major pharmacies in California are now under investigation for ordering way too many opiates. Some companies have policies where they won't fill a prescription if others have been filled within a certain recent time period). This is dangerous because denial of a drug can cause physical damage, and sometimes death, to a patient. Depending on your facts, discrimination law might be implicated, but far more likely, an American with Disabilities Act violation may be at play, along with professional malpractice. CA specifically requires pharmacies dispense medications to patients in need. Consult with an attorney if this issue is an important one for you.

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