Can I go after my healthcare which is Molina Health care for wrongly denying me services as it worsened my condition?

I have lymphodema & am facing possibly losing my legs due to Molina Health care denying me home care svcs for a period of about one year. During this time my wounds have become much worse. I am constantly in the emergency room due to major infections. Molina at a later date did approve a few home care visits for the nurses to come and dress my open wounds but then after a few visits Molina denied them again. I filed a grievance w/ Molina & no sooner rcvd a letter from Molina stating that they may have wrongly denied me. I also rcvd another letter stating I have 44 home health visits left. Now they are back peddling but the damage is done to my legs. I have photos of the pus infected open wounds I have had in the past as I am physically unable to cleanse & wrap my open wound by myself

Nathan’s Answer

I am sorry to hear of your health condition. I hope you feel better soon.

In matter such as this, where you may have a cause of action against another for negligence, it is important to talk with a qualified attorney about the details of your case. There may have been a standard of care that was not followed, and as a result, you were harmed. There also may be breach of contract whereby obligations and responsibilities were not followed, and because they were not followed, you were harmed. There may even be intent or fraud or unfair business practices. Without more details, which you would hopefully provide an attorney in a free consultation, you can find out more about your rights, and what you can do to enforce them. Best of luck.

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