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Could I sue a dental clinic for putting me in debt collection while I was still disputing the bill to them?

My whole family were new clients to a dental clinic in early 2013. We had a lot of work done to our teeth through the whole year. Around November of that year I got a surprise bill which had no description of the service for this bill. I went to the office and ask what the bill was for. Turns out it was bills accumulated since the beginning of the year that my insurance didn't cover. To make the story short I paid the bill early 2014 and asked the accounting management if there's anymore surprise bills and replied "no more." In August 2014, another bill was sent. I called them a few times and never got back with me on anything they told me or my question. Two months later they put me on debt collection.

Nathan’s Answer

If the attempt is to collect on a significant debt, it may be appropriate to hire counsel to help you dispute the bill, craft an installment payment arrangement, or negotiate a lump sum that is agreeable to everyone.

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