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I question my lawyer's business ethics, what can I and should I do?

I've hired this lawyer for over 3 years to handle the custodial case of my 2 children. Even though a lot of times she is not very accessible, I stick to her, always pay her bill on time with a rate over 300.

Last week when I turned in some paperwork to her office, the paralegal informed me that I was appointed a freshman lawyer at her firm. I was not contacted by any form on this change. When I asked her about the change, she did not really explain it to me, and was very dismissal. And I am charged at her rate, not the new lawyer's.

What can I do now? More importantly, I have my final and most important court trial in less than 2 weeks, how to minimize the negative impact on my case. After 3 years and huge expenses,last thing I want is to lose my case because of my own lawyer!

Nathan’s Answer

You state that you are being given the cold shoulder. You may hire an attorney for a small fee to communicate with your attorney to try to straighten things out as that is one maneuver that probably can't be ignored.

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