Child custody

Why would my attorney asked me to take a parenting class, a 52 week anger management class and see a counselor.

I am not being ordered by the courts to do any of the following. My ex did win an RO on me which even my attorney said I shouldn't have got since there was no violence. But I was pro per when fighting the RO and now my attorney is trying to clean up things and get me back more time with my child. Why would an attorney want me to take these things and have a counselor write a report on me attorney said we can then refile for more time in 6 months. There is no gaurentee I do all this nonsense that I will get more time....Please note I am the victim here of abuse but my ex has the money I really struggle with me taking the anger management course when I am not the angry person. Please provide some perspective on why you as an attorney would have a client do these things

Nathan’s Answer

If you lost an RO to your ex, that means a judge, an independent party, made a decision based on facts and law that supported your ex's version of events and not yours. You may be a victim, but a restraining order has been issued against you indicating you are potentially an abuser as well. Your attorney was attempting to act in your best interest by advising you to present yourself in the best light possible to the courts when you do return. Rather than call your own attorney's advice nonsense, you may want to reevaluate which, if any of those options you can afford to undertake.

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