Child custody

My ex isn't following the FCS report.Can she get in trouble by the judge on this?

The FCS report stats that is a parent is to step out of the home for more than 4 hrs or overnight that the other parent should be notified.My ex gf was pregnant w/her fiance's baby & i told her if she goes into labor at anytime i want to be notified so i can get our 3 year old.Well she went into labor at night and she never called me.My ex had her sister watch our daughter in the waiting room while she was in labor for more than 4 hrs and while staying the night in the hospital.Also on the FCS report it says neither parent should use corporal punishment,but my daughter told me her step dad has slapped her hands because she was in the trouble.I went from %28- %36 custody because the mediator said i should gradually get to 50/50.I'm filing a motion for 50/50 this moth.Will this help my case?

Nathan’s Answer

Your chances of obtaining 50/50 increase the more you get along with the ex. The hospital issue is not one I'd hang my argument on, but the corporal punishment argument may be strong if you can gather more evidence and present what you've learned to the judge coolly at the hearing for motion.

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