Child custody

Should I be talking to my ex about a visitation schedule for our toddler? We went to mediation and accomplished nothing.

Due to the DV restraining order that I have against my spouse (did not include physical abuse) , we have visitation orders in place as we are working through our divorce in the court system. (I think these orders only need minor tweaking, my ex wants a complete overhaul). At this point, every conversation we have (no matter how brief) includes a request to talk about a new visitation schedule. I have tried (three times) to converse regarding schedule changes over the phone, but those convos (1 hr+) get derailed and fail miserably. I would now prefer to wait till the JCC or SOC or whatever relevant court hearing comes next instead of wasting time on the phone. Is this an appropriate step, or should I continue making an effort to try and talk to my ex about developing a new schedule

Nathan’s Answer

You are not prohibited from trying to work something out. However, if you notice a pattern where you are not getting anywhere with informal negotiation, it may be appropriate to wait until a 3rd party reviews the matter. The mediator usually issues recommendations to a judge that can be discussed at court by the parties, with the judge making the final decision.

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