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Can I sue the DMV?

In October of 2013 I went to the DMV took my written test passed with 100% paid my $35.00

an I was issued a temporary license and told I would receive my hard copy in three weeks.

its been ten months No hard copy yet , I was recently pulled over an the officer told me my license

was expired, DMV'S answer to this was, that I had not paid a reinstatement fee over twenty five

year ago in the state of Minnesota, my question is, they new this before they issued my license so

why did they take my money for my license when they new this would happen? This is bad practice can I sue them for this?

Nathan’s Answer

You were issued a temporary driver's license where you were allowed to drive,. It sounds like you didn't follow up to obtain the full license. If you had, you would have learned of this issue. Instead of suing, which may end up costing you a lot of money for no gain, you might want to work something out with the DMV, and/or the government of Minnesota. An attorney can help you with that without the need to sue.

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